Import Excel data into any business system

Do you work with salary reporting, sales- or product data in Excel that also has to be shared and imported into your business systems?

The Excel feature lets you import any Excel file into any browser-based system in three easy steps.

Error-free import

Save time

Rethink how you work with data

You do no longer have to worry about the consequences of creating errors when you copy data from your Excel to your business system.

Automating import of Excel data releases time you can use on other business tasks.

Removing the hurdle of Excel data import lets you work more freely with data in both Excel and your business systems.

Cognifrim lets you import any Excel file into any business system in three easy steps

1. Upload your Excel or CSV Sheet

Cognifirm is a free browser plug-in that runs in Chrome or Microsoft Edge. You use the plug-in to upload your Excel or CSV file into the Cognifirm application. This will enable you to paste the data into any business system.

2. Map fields

You match the corresponding Excel fields to the fields of the business system that you would like the data to be copied into. The mapping will ensure that the data will be imported error-free in the right fields in your business system.

3. Paste the data into any business system

Your last step is to paste the data into the business system you selected as the recipient system in your Cognifirm process.

Cognifirm runs in your browser and can be configured by anyone in minutes. It does not require any IT skills to get started.

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