How to save a web page

Why save a web page?

Any Cognifirm automation process includes a destination webpage where content is pasted into. The source could be Excel content, or it could be sourced from a different web page.

So you need to enable Cognifirm to work with pages in different contexts. To do so requires that you save the page.

The 5 steps to save a web page

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that you are logged in as an admin user and that your profile is in “Save Web Page Mode”. Click here to learn more

Open the avatar

You use a special Avatar to save a page. It is visible on all pages when you are in “Save Web Page Mode” as an admin user. When you click on it then you are in save web page mode, then it presents itself and you can start keying in the data from the page that is needed to save it so that it can become a part of a process.

Select the input fields

The reason you would like to save a page is to be able to paste in data to it, or to copy data from it. So the page has to have form fields. You would then select the fields that are of relevance to the automation that you would like the page to be a part of.

Mapping of input fields

You use the Avatar to select the input fields that you would like to be a part of a process. When the Avatar is working as shown here, then it blocks the regular use of the fields on the web page. This enables you to select and save the fields that you would like to be a part of the automation.

Naming input fields

When you click on a form field when the Avatar is in Web Save Mode, then you will see that the field is marked and that you can name it in a smaller box below the field. In this example, we have named the field from Google “Search”. This would enable you to create an automation that includes this field on

The Action button

The last step in the page save flow is to select what is know as an Action Button. The Action Button is what trickers the users next step. In this case it could be both the “Google Search” or the “I´m Feeling Lucky” buttom. The web page is saved in the Cognifirm system when you have saved the action button.

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